Once you have your data and understand it you can use it to make plans and make savings in the future.

With TapTrip you and your customers can easily view expenditure reports, including total travel expenditure, number of bookings and number of cancellations.

Easily view this data based on a selected date range and export into a CSV format covering your travel expenditure and linking your travel bookings to individual purchase orders. Linking your travel expenditure and your travel expenses together will save you time and money.

Quick reporting, simple expense creation and easy exports of the data you need, when you need it.

Show them the stuff that matters

Data is no help to anyone if it’s not easily accessible. Our easy to create reports tell your customers what they need to know and how it impacts their business.

We’re also working on a new feature that tracks those who regularly break travel policy and end up costing their organisations money due to late bookings so that you can be proactive in saving your customers money.

On top of that, we’ve made it easy to export all expenses information into a CSV file which can then be uploaded into the accounting software of your customers choice. We’re here to make your life a whole lot easier.

Scan receipts on-the-go

Instead of wasting time collating all of their paper receipts, Taptrip automates expense reporting for your customers with just a few taps. Just make sure they scan their receipts on-the-go and submit the expense report when they’re ready. Expenses made easy.

Company balance

No nasty surprises. Your customers can easily preload their TapTrip account with a travel budget and make spending on the go super simple.

The preloaded budget will sit in a separate Stripe account that gives businesses great visibility into what they’re spending. This is great for SMEs to get a better understanding of their expenditure and for larger organisations who want to avoid taking out credit.

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