Tech head, traveller’s heart. We are a technology-led company, so we are nimble and built for speed. But our solutions aren’t overengineered because we grew up in the travel industry, and we just know what works.


So much more than travel

Make life easy for them and they’ll keep coming back. It’s that simple. When we built our app, we figured it’s going to be used on mobile, so we built it for mobile.

The TapTrip app is designed with the traveller in mind, for easy use, on the go. With access to mobile-exclusive offers as well as integrations for restaurant bookings and other business travel necessities that no other travel management app provides, your client’s laptop may never leave its bag (except for those important meetings, of course)!

Human connection powered by tech

Be there for your customers with our easy to use online chat service. No confusing chatbots or frustrating phone calls, just a simple way to support your customers and the option to offer 24/7 instant chat availability should you need to. And all through a user interface designed like the messaging apps we’re all used to using on a daily basis.

Connect the apps they already love

No one likes change and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel here. From managing finances to staying connected with colleagues, the TapTrip platform seamlessly integrates with the apps your customers already rely on to keep their businesses running smoothly.

Show them you care.

Be there when they need you.

Give your customers peace of mind with 24hr access to a friendly human, a companion in their pocket if you will. Whether they have health issues, get lost or simply have problems with a booking, the app is designed to make solving those problems easier, for you and them.

Their booking information is always easy to access and there is key information on the app such as embassy details and local hospital locations. Plus, with just a few quick clicks you can review your travellers’ details and export what they need if necessary.

TapTrip makes it easy for you to be there for your travellers when they need you most.

Traveller wellbeing is very important to us

Travel, especially regular international travel, can take its toll on our health and wellbeing. We know this from first-hand experience. But we want your customers to feel fresh and ready for anything when they arrive at their destination.

With that in mind, we’ve enabled a dark mode option within our app to help reduce blue light and therefore improve sleep and alertness. We also write regular articles on how to manage your health when travelling that you can easily share with your customers to show them how much you care.

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Travel policies

Forget complicated, easy to ignore travel policies. We’ve made sticking to company policies simple and unavoidable for employees when booking their business travel.

Our easy to follow, linear process gives your customers the overview they need and allows them to assign an ‘approver’ for each department. Approvers can therefore control bookings and avoid overspend before it happens.

Whether flights, hotels or rail, you can set restrictions based on booking class or budget as well as set timeframes for booking in advance that must be met. The ease and clarity of our travel policy system helps you help your customers save.

Wizard that can help you get set up within 10 minutes.