Just because something has always been done that way, doesn’t mean it should still be done that way.

At TapTrip, we’re switching things up and making booking corporate travel easier, faster and a lot more enjoyable for your customers! Help them control their costs, access great savings, provide unrivalled support and, most importantly, keep them coming back.

Flights, hotels and pan-European rail coverage, all in one place.

Help more businesses
with our self-service
onboarding platform

Imagine how many more businesses you could work with if the setup process was faster and less frustrating? We make that dream reality with our self-service setup process.

Organisations can set up profiles using data pulled in from their existing CMS systems, and you won’t need to lift a finger. Think minutes, not days. It’s easy and enjoyable for them, and it’s a big time saver for you.
It’s a win, win.

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Make booking
corporate travel fun

You don’t have time to be chasing customers or assisting them with complicated setups. With TapTrip you won’t be because they’ll enjoy doing it themselves.

Our developers are the best of the best. And where do the best come from? The gaming world. We’ve gamified our set up process to make it fun, not ‘another bit of admin’, which we know will keep your customers coming back again and again.

We’re not tied down,
so neither are you

We’re GDS agnostic which means you’ll have access to global inventory and fares. Our sophisticated online booking tool is conveniently set up to give you continuity across all global markets, so there’s no need to switch between multiple GDS systems.

More choice for you, more choice for your customers, less time wasted and better deals secured. Get direct access to deals from Booking.com and other platforms including affordable apartments options for those longer trips.

Share your savings

With access to our API you are not reliant on any specific GDS system and its high transaction fees. A saving you can pass on to your corporate customers or use to attract new customers in the SME market.

Book without limits

It’s no fun telling your customers they can’t book the flight they need to or that the hotel they want is too expensive. With unlimited access to our global inventory and no reliance on an individual GDS, you’ll rarely need to tell your customers that what they want can’t be done.

Search for the best fares, local hotel deals and find flight times that make your client’s life easier. Corporate travel doesn’t need limits so we’ve got rid of them.

No account? No problem.

Our external user feature makes it super simple to book travel for individuals such as freelancers or contractors who don’t have a company TapTrip account. All your customers have to do is add the individual’s name and email address, we’ll then make sure they get the information they need for their trip.

Speedy group bookings

Let your customers book travel for groups of two and above, with the ease of booking for one. Simply tell TapTrip who’s travelling and we’ll automatically add the travel itinerary to their mobile app account and send them the information they need via email.

We really do want to make your life as easy as possible whilst providing your customers with an efficient, pain-free travel experience that they’ll remember.

Bring your people together from around the world

It’s never been easier for your customers to get all travellers from their remote locations to a single destination in one simple booking. Forget about booking individual flights and hoping they’ll all end up in the same place at the same time, our easy to use system will do it all for them with the tap of a button.